liquid phase chromatography silica gel

liquid phase chromatography silica gel
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 liquid phase chromatography silica gel

    High performance liquid phase chromatography silica gel is white powder and its main ingredient is SiO2·nH2O,indissolvable in water、inorganic acid and other organic solvent,dissolvable in HF and thick caustic alkali solution,able to adsorb humidity from air. It can have various kinds of substances reach the aim of separation & purification because it has the difference in retaining time of adsorption on different substances.
this product is used as the supporter for high performance liquid phase chromatography to separate and analyze pharmaceuticals, pesticide, drink, petroleum articles, biological products as well as various components of other organic compound. It can also be used for preparation of supporter for chromatography, used for separation and abstraction of some substances from Chinese herb medicine and biosome.
amorphous liquid phase chromatography stationary phase–YWG
specifications for particle size:3μ、5μ、7μ、10μ、10~20μ、20~30μ和30~40μ。
spherical liquid phase chromatography stationary phase–YQG
specifications for particle size:3μ、5μ、7μ、10μ

Item code Particle size shape Particle size

Particle size

shape Item code Particle size shape
SG1401 10μm spherical SG1611 30-40μm amorphous SG1615 7μm amorphous
SG1402 7μm spherical SG1612 20-30μm amorphous SG1616 5μm amorphous
SG1403 5μm spherical SG1613 10-20μm amorphous SG1617 3m amorphous
SG1404 3μm spherical SG1614 10μm amorphous


High performance liquid phase chromatography
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