Silica Gel Plates

Silica Gel Plates
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Can be used directly for quick separation of many types of organic substances–for qualitative analysis,it has also been widely use for examining the small amount of impurities and the main ingredients in medicines,pesticides, Chinese herbal medicines,organic chemical products,cereals and foods.
Our types can be:
A ) By use:
1. G type ,
2. GF 254 type
3. H type
4. HF 254 type
B)By efficiency:
1).silica gel plates for thin layer chromatography
2).silica gel plates for high eficient thin-layer chromatography
Technical Data:
Plate coating thickness:0.2-0.25mm
Activity:(the separation of indigo blue,sultan red and lem on yellow) separation of three colors.
Our size:
3*100mm        50*100mm    200*200mm
50*150mm      50*200mm    100*100mm
Packing:10,20 or 60 pieces per cardboard box.
Notes: Packing and size may be customized per your specific requirements.