White Silica Gel Type A Beads

White Silica Gel Type A Beads
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Silica Gel is available in porous, granular , and amorphous form, synthetically manufactured from the chemical reaction between sulfuric acid and sodium silicate. The internal structure of Silica Gel is composed of a vast network of interconnected microscopic pores which attract and hold water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemicals by the phenomena known as physical adsorption and capillary condensation.

Static adsorption by removing of moisture and control of humidity in the package and other enclosed spaces without induced airflow.

Dynamic adsorption by removing water from a continuously flowing gas or liquid stream.

Absorption capability25℃) RH=20% ≥ 10.5 wt.% 11.35wt.%
RH=50% ≥23.0 wt.% 27.2wt.%
RH=90% ≥34.0 wt.% 38.04wt.%
Bulk Density g/L ≥720 741
Loss on drying ≤5.0% 4.07%
Moisture ≤5 4.4
Pore Volume,ml/g 0.8-1.0 0.93
Surface Area,m2/g 400-500 486
Above data were verified from the analysis of the samples,randomly picked up from the bulk cargo.